Residential Service


Our service requires line-of-sight between the roof of your home and one of our towers. If your home is within the blue, pink, or purple polygons on the map below, you can submit an Service Request at the bottom of this page, which will allow us to check the line-of-sight between your home and our towers using 3D maps.

Not within the blue, pink, or purple covered area? Let us know where to expand next with this survey. To help residents in areas where wired ISPs are not available, such as remote rural areas, we made a list of Alternative Fixed Wireless ISPs.

Residential Internet Service Plans

Find whether you are located in the Blue, Pink, or Purple service area using the map above . Then, click the matching drop-down menu below to see available service plans.

What Can You Do With Each Plan?

Why Choose JackRabbit?

Local Business

Proudly started here in the borderland, JackRabbit aims to build a network that meets the needs of our community.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing prompt, courteous customer service you can depend on.

No Hidden Fees

We use standard, fixed rates. There are no tricky bundles to worry about. We just provide Internet.


We can proudly say we will never sell your browsing history. Can our competitors say the same?


With Smart Queue Management, your connection has never felt faster.


Current annual uptime: 99.985%

Whole-Home WiFi

When we think “fast internet”, we’re usually thinking about how our devices perform – such as Smart TVs, Rokus, Firesticks, or Game Consoles. These days, most of those devices connect by WiFi. Most ISPs leave WiFi up to the end user to figure out on their own, leaving customers struggling to figure out why their supposedly fast internet connection doesn’t work well around the house. It can be frustrating when you face performance issues – but the ISP claims “we tested to your modem and don’t see an issue”. ISPs typically treat anything past their modem (your WiFi router) as outside the scope of their responsibility.

We do things differently, opting for a more proactive approach. We provide managed WiFi routers to our customers –  which allow us to remotely troubleshoot any WiFi performance issues, and improve your entire home’s WiFi connectivity. Our single-node managed routers are included as part of our monthly service, at no extra monthly cost.

For large homes, we can set up and configure a multi-node Mesh WiFi system to improve WiFi coverage. Mesh WiFi systems provide the ultimate WiFi experience, with higher speeds and superior stability compared to traditional “WiFi extenders”. Traditional WiFi extenders tend to perform poorly, add confusing SSIDs (“Home WiFi”, “Home WiFi_5G_EXT”), and congest wireless spectrum within the home. By contrast, Mesh WiFi systems use just one SSID (Network Name) and operate as a true mesh, allowing you to walk between rooms of the home while still connected to one contiguous network. Instead of having to pay $300 upfront for a retail Mesh system from the store, we can set up and configure a whole-home WiFi Mesh system for just $5 per additional node each month.

Real World Performance

JackRabbit Wireless is the highest-performing Fixed Wireless ISP in El Paso based on metrics such as latency, jitter, bufferbloat, and bandwidth. We employ Smart Queue Management (SQM) to provide a superior internet experience. This improves the stability, latency, and the perceived “snappiness” of our network compared to other ISPs. With SQM, high-priority connections like Zoom calls and gaming are prioritized over bulk traffic, such as large file downloads or an operating system update running in the background.

ISPs often try to up-sell consumers to choose ultra-high-bandwidth service plans (400Mbps-1Gbps). But let’s consider a scenario: you are on a Zoom call (3Mbps), and family member initiates a large file download on their device. Even with a 400Mbps connection, that file download can potentially consume the entire 400Mbps, causing massive packet loss once the bandwidth ceiling is hit. This packet loss can cause your Zoom call to stutter or even disconnect. In such a situation, how useful is that high bandwidth?

This is exactly why SQM is so important. SQM makes sure your Zoom call gets a fair slice of the bandwidth, and that file downloads are not allowed to hit the ceiling and trigger packet loss. Our day-to-day internet experience is influenced much more by WiFi performance and SQM than by our chosen bandwidth plan. That’s why JackRabbit provides managed a WiFi router and SQM at no extra cost. We are committed to your overall internet experience, not just selling you our most expensive plan.

Learn more about connection quality on our Connection Quality page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access all your favorite TV with JackRabbit and your preferred streaming service. We highly recommend YouTube TV. Don’t have a smart TV? Check out the Roku Premiere.

Use Ookla’s to find your current speed. To ensure an accurate result, connect the testing computer by Ethernet cable directly to the router. If that is not possible, make sure to use 5GHz AC-mode WiFi close to your router (less accurate).

Most of our customers average between 20ms to 40ms latency from their devices to servers in Dallas – where our IX data-center is located.

Most segments of our network are not impacted by rain fade. Two of our newest towers use mmWave back-haul links for maximal bandwidth. Those two sites can withstand up to 2in/hr of intense precipitation before performance is impacted. Precipitation intensity above that threshold occurs extremely rarely in our area – usually for a few minutes in the late evening during monsoon season.

Usually monthly rates go up when service providers switch you from a temporary promotional rate to a standard rate, or after you are on a contract for an extended period. JackRabbit Wireless does not use promotional pricing, and we do not require long-term contracts, so you do not have to worry about arbitrary price increases.

We provide customers with a dual-band AC-mode WiFi router at no extra cost.

No, we do not have data caps. Data use is unlimited – there are no overage fees. We do not charge per GB used.

Switching To JackRabbit Is Easy


Eligibility Check

We check your home’s eligibility using 3D/Lidar data to see if there is a clear line-of-sight.


Schedule Appointment

We schedule a day to visit your home and test the link’s performance. If you are satisfied with the performance, we can proceed to install.



Stream and browse with confidence. We are always standing by ready to help.

Eligibility Check / Service Request

If your home is within the blue or purple polygons of the Coverage Map at the top of this page, you can submit an Eligibility Check below through our partner,

Once you submit a request, we will use 3D mapping software to check if your home has a clear line-of-sight with our towers. If your home has a clear line-of-sight, we can then proceed to schedule an appointment for a performance test and/or installation. If your home is not eligible quite yet, we will keep your information on file so that we can contact you if your neighborhood becomes eligible.

The Purple Service Area has higher monthly rates and a higher installation fee due to the costs of long-range radio equipment. The monthly rate and installation fee for each service area is listed above in the “Residential Internet Service Plans” section of this page.