Home Internet

Coverage Area

Our internet service requires a clear line-of-sight path between the roof of your home and one of our towers. If your home is within the blue or purple polygons on the map below, you may be eligible – and can submit an Eligibility Check at the bottom of this page.

Not within the blue or purple covered area? Please let us know where to expand next with this survey.

Service Plans

Find whether you are located in the Blue or Purple service area using the map above. Then, click the matching drop-down menu below to see available service plans.

How Much Bandwidth Do I Actually Need?

Use our Bandwidth Calculator Tool to see how much bandwidth your household needs.

Customer Service

Whole-Home WiFi

Most ISPs provide customers a single WiFi router, charging a monthly rental fee of $5 or so. Typical WiFi routers can only cover around 1500 sqft before performance degrades significantly – causing WiFi performance issues in the far ends of the home.

We take a more proactive approach – providing our customers with Mesh WiFi at no additional monthly cost. This ensures thorough WiFi coverage across every room of the home.


JackRabbit Wireless uses Smart Queueing to provide a connection with superior stability, latency, and responsiveness compared to other ISPs. Learn more on the Performance page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access all your favorite TV with JackRabbit and your preferred streaming service. We highly recommend YouTube TV. Don’t have a smart TV? Check out the Chromecast with Google TV.

Use Ookla’s Speedtest.net to find your current speed. To ensure an accurate result, connect the testing computer by Ethernet cable directly to the router. If that is not possible, make sure to use 5GHz AC-mode WiFi close to your router (less accurate).

Most of our customers average between 20ms to 40ms latency from their devices to servers in Dallas – where our IX data-center is located.

Most segments of our network are not impacted by rain fade. Two of our newest towers use mmWave back-haul links for maximal bandwidth. Those two sites can withstand up to 2in/hr of intense precipitation before performance is impacted. Precipitation intensity above that threshold occurs extremely rarely in our area – usually for a few minutes in the late evening during monsoon season.

Usually monthly rates go up when service providers switch you from a temporary promotional rate to a standard rate, or after you are on a contract for an extended period. JackRabbit Wireless does not use promotional pricing, and we do not require long-term contracts, so you do not have to worry about arbitrary price increases.

We provide customers with a dual-band AC-mode WiFi router at no extra cost.

No, we do not have data caps. Data use is unlimited – there are no overage fees. We do not charge per GB used.

Switching To JackRabbit Is Easy


Eligibility Check

We check your home’s eligibility using 3D/Lidar data to see if there is a clear line-of-sight.


Schedule Appointment

We schedule a day to visit your home and test the link’s performance. If performance is solid, we can proceed to install.



Stream and browse with confidence. We are always standing by ready to help.

Eligibility Check

If your home is within the blue or purple polygons of the Coverage Map at the top of this page, you can submit an Eligibility Check below.

Once you submit a request, we will use 3D mapping software to check if your home has a clear line-of-sight with our towers. If your home has a clear line-of-sight, we can then proceed to schedule an appointment for a performance test and/or installation. If your home is not eligible quite yet, we will keep your information on file so that we can contact you if your neighborhood becomes eligible.