Business Internet

Coverage Map

Our service requires line-of-sight, so if the roof of your business has a clear view of our towers with no trees or other obstacles in the way, we can provide service. If your business is located within the blue, yellow, or purple parts of the map, it may have line-of-sight. Once you submit an Eligibility Check at the bottom of this page, we can check the line-of-sight between your business and our towers using 3D mapping software, and let you know if it is covered.

How It Works — Fiber-Backed Fixed Wireless

JackRabbit does not depend on the infrastructure of either of El Paso’s big two ISPs. We built our own Fixed Wireless network, which connects back to a low-latency, redundant-node fiber network provided by our partners. This allows for superior performance compared to over-saturated copper-based providers. Using fixed wireless for the last-mile of the link reduces deployment costs, which we pass onto you as low standard monthly rates. In a small, nimble organization like ours, we can quickly implement whatever changes are needed to optimize even just one individual customer’s connection. You can learn more on the How It Works page.

Eligibility Check / Service Request

COVID Precautions​

Our installers will be performing installations with the use of KN95 masks and gloves when inside. We kindly ask that you open the windows or doors to the room where the router will be installed before we enter to protect both residents and our installers.

Once you submit this form, we use 3D mapping software to check if your business has a clear line-of-sight with our towers. If your business has a clear LOS, we can then proceed to schedule an appointment for a performance test and/or installation.

Please ensure your business is within the blue, purple, or green polygons of the Coverage Map at the top of this page before submitting a service request. We can only provide service to businesses within those polygons at this time.