Business Internet

Low Latency

Stable latency under load - made possible by Smart Queue Management

Rapid Deployment

We have the agility to deploy connectivity within days, not months

Unmatched Support

Local Tier 1-3 customer service and technical support

What our customers are saying

"Our business has perpetually struggled with poor options for internet connectivity. We always joked that it was the 'black hole' for internet service, as the fastest provider we were able to find provided slow DSL service. The team from Jackrabbit was able to provide us with fast, reliable internet, with rapid implementation. During implementation they encountered multiple setbacks forcing them to change the design of the backhaul but they never gave up on us and were able to find a way to get it done. Almost any other company would’ve walked away after those setbacks, but these guys didn’t and persevered until they found a solution. They are professional, dedicated, reliable, and fairly priced…what’s not to love about this company? We highly recommend Jackrabbit to any business or homeowner struggling to find fast, reliable internet."
Mike Lewandowski
Director of Business Systems - Modineer Company

Coverage Area

Our service requires line-of-sight between the roof of your business and one of our towers. If your business is within the colored polygons of the map below, please call us directly at (915) 730-1472 to confirm eligibility and learn more about service availability.