About Us

Who We Are

JackRabbit Wireless was founded in 2018 by Robert Chacón and Tristan Frescas, two longtime friends and El Paso natives. We started JackRabbit to bring much-needed competition to El Paso’s monopolized internet market, and to service homes which lacked dependable, affordable internet options. Thanks to the tremendous support of our community, JackRabbit has quickly become one of the most trusted Internet Service Providers in the region. We are grateful to our customers and community members throughout the borderland for supporting our mission from the very beginning.

Robert Chacón


Robert is the founder and CEO of JackRabbit. He graduated with honors from UTEP, where he studied Computer Information Systems, and began designing the network that would eventually become JackRabbit.

Tristan Frescas


Tristan is the co-founder of JackRabbit. He oversees JackRabbit’s physical and network infrastructure, as well as customer premises installations.

Isaac Rodriguez, MPH

Telecommunications Manager and Grant Writer

Isaac is JackRabbit’s newest team member. With a diverse background in public health, education, and information technology – Isaac works to identify the under-served communities in our area, and deploy solutions to close connectivity gaps these communities face.

Our Mission

Create The Network Our Community Deserves

49.7 million Americans have only one option for high-speed internet service. Many in the borderland find themselves in this predicament. Non-competitive telecommunications markets allow monopolies to take hold, and these monopolies are known for operating in unethical ways:

JackRabbit aims to challenge this status quo, and to deliver a service that our customers and our community can be proud of.

Close The Digital Divide

Rural communities without dependable, high speed broadband internet access risk falling behind with regard to education, healthcare, employment opportunities, and general economic development. We have seen how the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly challenged these communities, which often had poor internet infrastructure pre-COVID. For example, a rural student whose family depends on traditional satellite internet will be unable to attend video conference classes (Zoom) because of the tremendous 800ms+ latency such satellite connections have. Through terrestrial Fixed Wireless radio technology, JackRabbit is able to provide the same family a connection with <50ms latency, and four times the bandwidth, at a more affordable rate. When a family tells us that their children can finally attend online classes or that they can finally video call their friends and family – that is incredibly rewarding, and drives us to continue doing what we do.