Internet Disclosure

Provided in accordance with 47 CFR § 8.1(a).

Network Management Practices

  • Blocking
    • JackRabbit Wireless LLC does not block or otherwise prevent end user access to lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices.
  • Throttling
    • JackRabbit Wireless LLC does not arbitrarily throttle or otherwise degrade end user access to lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices.
  • Affiliated Prioritization
    • JackRabbit Wireless LLC does not participate in Affiliated Prioritization.
  • Paid Prioritization
    • JackRabbit Wireless LLC does not participate in Paid Prioritization.
  • Congestion Management
    • JackRabbit Wireless LLC uses a Smart Queue Management (SQM) platform with the Active Queue Management (AQM) technique CAKE. By leveraging SQM – end-user latency and responsiveness for daily tasks improves tremendously. SQM reduces latency under load across the entire network fabric, ensuring fair and equitable allocation of bandwidth and resources to all customers. This reduces realtime latency and improves responsiveness during periods of congestion, ensuring fair and equitable customer access to latency-sensitive real-time applications. Aggregate customer data usage statistics (gigabytes / GB) are not used in determining congestion state.
  • Application-Specific Behavior
    • Inbound, unsolicited access to ports is blocked by default. Customers may request exceptions to this filtering.
  • Device Attachment Rules
    • JackRabbit Wireless LLC provides a managed router to all customers at no additional monthly cost. JackRabbit Wireless LLC does not restrict attachment of devices to the provided managed router, whether by WiFi or Ethernet connection. However, customers may not connect any routers or switches to the JackRabbit Wireless LLC demarcation point / service handoff without explicit communicated permission by an employee of JackRabbit Wireless LLC.
  • Security
    • Industry standard practices are used to ensure network security. Customer must assume responsibility for home network security and device security.

Performance Characteristics

  • Service Description
    • JackRabbit Wireless LLC provides Fixed Wireless and Fiber-optic broadband service. Our Fixed Wireless service is provided using a combination of Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point radio systems. Customers can reasonably expect their corresponding service plan’s “up to” bandwidth to be available for the vast majority of service up-time. Round trip time latency (RTT) from the customer premises to the network edge of JackRabbit Wireless averages 21 milliseconds. RTT from the customer premises to servers located in Dallas (the location of upstream IX) averages 35ms for most customers. Broadband services from JackRabbit Wireless LLC are suitable for real-time applications.
  • Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services
    • Not applicable.

Commercial Terms

  • Price
    • Internet access fee varies by client, and according to which of our color-coded service areas the customer resides in. No usage based fees apply. Early termination requires payment of the remainder of any contract term. Customers on a month-to-month term are not subject to early termination fees.
  • Privacy Policies
    • Available on this page.
  • Redress options
    • Customers may contact the JackRabbit Wireless LLC staff by phone at (915) 209-1698, by email at, or using the customer portal located at Complaints must be communicated using one of the methods listed above.