TV Streaming Services

You Finally Have A Choice In TV

With lightning-fast internet from JackRabbit, you get to choose where to get your live TV, instead of relying on whatever your cable company picked.

Our favorite cable TV alternatives

YouTube TV has a wide selection of 100+ channels, including most local news channels. You can watch Youtube TV on up to 3 TVs at the same time. Showtime, Cinemax, HBO, and many more are available as add-ons. Video quality is crisp 1080p on most channels.

From $65/month

Sling TV is one of the most affordable options and is available on nearly every platform. It does not offer local news channels, but you can use an over-the-air antenna for those. Sling TV video quality is 720p, which is reasonable, but may not be suited for large HD/4K TVs.

From $35/month

Use an antenna for local broadcasts

There’s always the old-fashioned antenna, which picks up any of the broadcast networks in your area in 1080p HD. It’s perfect for tuning in to the local coverage, like Dallas Cowboys games. Here’s a list of the 40 local channels available over-the-air. If you already have a recent smart TV, you can purchase an affordable flat antenna to begin watching over-the-air HD channels. For older TVs, a digital converter box can be used. JackRabbit’s installers are happy to help you set up your antenna or converter box on the day of installation, just have your preferred antenna or converter box ready and we’ll get it connected.

Fill in the gaps with streaming entertainment