Alternative ISPs – Residential Internet

If you are located outside of our service area, and cannot find dependable home internet from one of the major ISPs, we recommend checking into one of these local Fixed Wireless ISPs.

Please note that most Fixed Wireless ISPs cannot offer the same bandwidth or pricing JackRabbit does, because of the required trade-off between range and bandwidth. Pricing for these providers will usually be higher per-megabit than most phone or cable companies, so they may be not be the best-value option in urban and suburban areas.

However, for cases where wired ISPs are not able to service your home, these are great choices, and work much more dependably than traditional Satellite Internet. If you are worried about performance, most Fixed Wireless ISPs can do a brief consultation visit, where they can test the link speed and latency before you commit to an installation.

If you live in a rural area not serviced by any of the local ISPs listed below, check out StarLink.

We provide these listings as a courtesy.

These listings are not endorsements of any competing service.

Please always investigate these providers’ reputations yourself before conducting business.

Lee Wireless


Sun Tech Networks

Southwestern Wireless

Mission Valley Communications

Chaparral Cable / Chaparral Wireless