Dedicated Point-to-Point (PtP) Microwave Radio Links

Certain businesses will require the lowest latency and highest throughput possible. For these businesses, we can establish Dedicated Point-to-Point Microwave Radio Links to allow for maximal bandwidth – anywhere from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps. For areas where fiber build-outs would be cost-prohibitive, Microwave PtP radio links can offer comparable speeds, dependability, and latency to fiber for a fraction of the cost. Link uptime is generally between 99.93%-99.96% thanks to the favorable climate of the Chihuahuan Desert – making uptime comparable to most business-class fiber services (~99.95%). We can coordinate both licensed and unlicensed links on a variety of frequencies – including 5GHz, 11GHz, 18GHz, 24GHz, 60-70GHz, and 80GHz. These links can serve as transparent Layer 2 bridges between sites, or to establish Internet Access. Available to businesses in all parts of El Paso, Texas, and surrounding areas.

Case Study: High-Urgency Facility

November 2020


1800 Mbps Asymmetrical


~1ms Between Sites


Deployed Within 36 Hours. Fiber was expected to take 7 months.


Less than 1/10 The Cost of Fiber Build-out


10 Kilometers

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