Backup Internet

Coverage Map

Our service requires line-of-sight, so if the roof of your business has a clear view of our towers with no trees or other obstacles in the way, we can provide service. If your business is located within the blue, yellow, or purple parts of the map, it may have line-of-sight. When you contact us, we can check the line-of-sight between your business and our towers using 3D mapping software, and let you know if it is covered.

Backup Internet Service for Businesses

Internet Downtime Halts Business

A JackRabbit Backup Keeps It Going

When a small businesses loses Internet connectivity, it can lose upwards of $1,000 per hour in revenue. Without internet connectivity for Point-of-Sales systems and telecommunication, no business can function well. Most cable and phone internet services use old coaxial copper lines laid decades ago, causing outages that can be frequent and challenging to repair. Even a service with an uptime of 99% is only able to deliver about 361 days of service per year – that’s almost 4 days of service outage per year.

By combining two Internet providers, your uptime can be as close to 99.99% as possible, bringing downtime to just a few hours per year. Utilizing two connections from providers with separate infrastructure can prevent dozens of hours of downtime each year, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

When your primary Internet connection from the phone or cable company goes down, JackRabbit operates as a Failover Backup Internet Connection. We set up a managed router at your business that transparently switches between ISPs. When service goes down on one connection – the other kicks in within 4 seconds. Unlike satellite or 4G/5G LTE-based backups, our Fiber-Backed Fixed Wireless Internet has low-latency averaging 10ms to our network’s core. That means you can teleconference, make VoIP calls, and continue your work without even noticing a change.

How Much Does Downtime Cost vs. Backup?

Let’s consider a convenience store with sales revenue of $350,000 per month. Assuming 24/7 operation, this store generates approximately $463 in revenue per hour. If this business uses a single ISP with uptime of 99.0% – that equates to 7 hours of downtime per month. 7hrs × $463 = $3241 lost revenue per month.

Lost Revenue Per Month from Internet Downtime
$3000 Per Month
Monthly Cost of JackRabbit Backup Internet

Backup Internet Plans

100x25 Mbps
Failover Backup Internet

$ 150 Monthly
  • 100 Mbps Download
  • 25 Mbps Upload
  • Taxes & Fees Included
  • No Long-Term Contract
    (Cancel Any Time)